About Our Extended Family

Karsten is from a family of 6 boys and no girls.  
They try to get together at least twice a year for a hiking, camping or snow showing activity.  
Here are the six brothers.

Kim is from a family of 5 girls and no boys.  
Lets just say we both learned a lot our first year of marriage.
They get together at least once a year, and every couple of years they do a girls night out.
Hear are the 5 sisters.

We are so blessed to have Karsten's grandparents still with us.
They are in their 80's and still do Thanksgiving at their house every year.
We try to spend time with them when we go to Wyoming to visit family.
They have 10 grandkids and 13 great-grandkids.
Here are Charlotte's Great Grandparents

Karsten's parents love that they are finally grandparents.
They have 9 grandkids.
Grandma has special books she likes to read
 her grandkids when they come to visit.
Here are Charlotte with her Grandma and Grandpa
 and 2 younger cousins. 
(they held the babies so we could eat.)

Kim's parents like to be called Nana and Pa,
They have five grandkids.
At their house, they have lots of land, 
with big trees so much to play with and have fun, they even have horses.
Here is Kim's sister and brother-in-law with her parents on the right.

By the end of the year Charlotte will have 14 cousins,
how much fun is that, some are older and some are younger.
Here are all the cousins on Karsten's side of the family.

Here is Charlotte and Luke, he is 14 months older.
They play so good together, she watches everything he does.

Here is Charlotte and Ryker just hanging out at the house,
he is 2 months younger then her.  
They are getting old enough they kind of play together, it is fun to watch.

This is Jaxon and Charlotte, 
he lives closer to us and we do little outings together.

As you can tell, we are close with our families and do many things together through out the year.  They have been so supportive to us throughout our adoption experience.  They are excited to have more grandkids to love and spoil, and more cousins to play with.