For Family and Friends

Hello Family & Friends,
Our little family is doing well; Karsten is busy working long hours during his busy season. We are all celebrating that his studying days are over, now his business cards officially say CPA!
Me (Kim)?  I am doing great at starting projects, but who knows if they will ever get completed.  I am still doing hair a couple of days a week.  I continue my search for the magic wand that will help me keep up.
Charlotte (a.k.a. Charlee) is an amazing two year old, she has it down; from spreading lotion on the carpet, taking her clothes off at any given moment, searching out any chocolate that is in the house and talking up a storm. We are grateful everyday to be her parents.
Just recently, we again, went through the adoption approval process with our agency.  Which means we are officially approved to adopt another baby!  Like last time, our agency does not seek out potential birth parents, nor do they try and match us up.  They offer counseling and other services to those who have an unexpected pregnancy.  If the woman considers adoption the birth parents then pick the family they want to place their baby with.  
We like this about our adoption agency, because it keeps the mother in control of her situation.  The hard part is, it does make our “wait time” longer, then other agencies.  We are turning our “wait time” to a “finding time.”  We are not waiting for another placement we are sharing our information with as many people as we can so the right birth mother can find us.
Charlotte’s birth family found us, through a family member telling a friend that we were hoping to adopt, almost a year before she was born.  That is the amazing thing about adoption; you never know how the connection is going to be made.
As most of you know we have an open adoption with Charlee’s birth mother and her family as well as her birth father and his family. Which means there is open communication between us, we share pictures, exchange emails, and even find time for occasional visits.  This has been a wonderful blessing in our lives.  We love and care about them and consider them a part of our family.  An open adoption is something a birth family can chose, both the birth parents and the adoptive parents agree on the amount of contact.
We could go on for hours about adoption, but we will spare you all the statistics and facts.  We know that when a parent places their child in a new home, it is not a decision that is not taken lightly, but is made with deep soul searching and love for their child.
When Karsten and I experienced the miracle of adoption we saw the Lord’s hand in our life, and in the lives of her birth family.  It is an overwhelming experience.  With our first adoption, many people shared with us that they were praying for us, which we did appreciate.  We ask that you pray for those birth families that are facing these decisions.  They need to be blessed to feel the peace, guidance and love with whatever they chose is best for their child.
“Its like learning to fly or falling in love, its gonna happen when it’s supposed to happen. Then we find the reason why, one step at a time.” 
– Jordan Sparks 
Thanks for all your love and support.  Thanks for being a part of our lives and for letting us be a part of yours.  
Lots of Love
Karsten, Kim & Charlee