About Charlotte (Charlee)

Charlotte is busy, she loves to climb things and try to fit in small spaces.  If she sees you do something she has to try it herself.  Really we could talk about her non-stop.

This is her in almost melt down mode, she is figuring out when to pull out the tears and when to just yell.

Being outside is her favorite thing in the world.  She is usually smiling the whole time.

This was her at 1 year old. The time went by so fast, and we are hopeful that we will have a baby again soon in our home.

Her daddy is her favorite person, and if a guy has facial hair or is wearing a hat she has a smile for them.  She waves good bye to him in the morning and when she hears the garage door open she runs down the stairs to meet him.

Of course when she sees us doing something she had to give it a try. She is always smiling when she gets to be outside.

A right of passage for kids, running through the sprinklers in the summer.

Charlee teaches us a lot every day.

After a trip to build a bear she had to take her new puppy for a walk,
 there was no talking her out of it.  

Relaxing Saturday watching football with her dad.  She seems entertained.

Trying on her grandpa's boots.

Out for one of our walks, not too far from our home.

Little Diva

Charlotte:  Age 2

The training has started.

Trying out the gift from Santa, yes it is the right size.

If only I could read what she is writing I would know all her secrets.
 She is growing up so fast!

We have been fortunate to have a very open relationship with Charlotte's birth mom, Elle, that has included several visits.  It did not start out this way, but as we got to know each other better we figured out the boundaries to make this work.

Charlee loves playing with Elle when she comes to visit

She taught Charlee all about gingerbread houses, and Charlee thought they were delicious.

Charlott'e birth father, Colby, has also chosen to stay a part of her life.  This is by far the exception to most open adoptions, but we enjoy having him a part of our lives.  And are grateful that she will have these pieces of her story.

They are both shy around each other, but after a couple of minutes they are teasing each other.

The relationship between everyone has been very cordial and are grateful they are a part of our lives.  We have sent them several pictures along with  emails and also there is a blog all about Charlotte for all of her birth family and adoptive family to follow.  These are things we agreed on before the placement.

We really love and care about Colby and Elle and treasure the time we get to spend together.

This open of an adoption was not something we expected to happen and has evolved over the last 2 years.  We have done what we could to educate ourselves about different adoption situations and how to handle them in a way that is healthy for everyone, especially our children.