About Karsten

Karsten is a die hard Wyoming Cowboys fan, even when they are not winning.
He loves hiking and camping and anything out doors.

  This is probably because he spends most of his days inside behind a desk.  

He is an auditor at a CPA firm, he has worked there for 4 years.  He has his Bachelors in Accounting, from Westminster College.  Where he graduated with a 4.0, which he got while working full time and going to school full time.  I (Kim) tell you this not to brag but to show you how dedicated Karsten is to his commitments, well and maybe a little to brag because I am proud of him.

He works hard to provide for us, so I can stay home throughout the day with our family.  We look forward to the time of day when he comes home from work.  He always takes time to play with Charlotte, and often times baths her and gets her into bed, just so he can spend time with her.

Some of the other things Karsten likes is; The Beatles, Bon Jovi, any apple product, the t.v. show 24, Pepsi, and a good hamburger.
And teaching Charlee new things like:

The art of making frozen pizza
Watching the water fall
He tried to teach her swimming, or just not swallowing the water
Making perfect pancakes, one of the few things he makes, but they are perfect!
They practice walking on the sidewalk and not the road
Taking a good nap on the couch
He has taught her how to go down the stairs in a laundry basket.
He has tried to teach her how to do his work, but that has not worked too well.
Best way to eat the Ben and Jerry's.  Actually this time she taught him that she knows how to get her way.  They were walking around the Gateway and two girls were eating icecream.  She stood infront of them and stared, and kept opening her mouth.  Karsten couldn't say no and they got some icecream together.
Chilling on the outside step
He has shown her many times how to bounce and jump on the trampoline.
Of course what is the fun of stickers if you can't put them on you?
They are working on her jump shot.  She just keeps gettting hung up.
Getting ready for bed, she knows he is the one who will let her stay up longer.
They were doing bubbles waiting for some fireworks.
Then of course he taught her about sparklers.
She has the phone thing down, 
Karsten does not like talking on the phone so 
he will delegate this to her whenever he can.
Riding horsey.
They both love being outside, notice they both have sunglasses, and hats.
Showing Charlotte that you can touch the dinosaur. 
 He taught her about trick or treating and she so loved getting the candy.
 Sharing his dinners.  She might not want to eat what is on her plate, but she always wants to eat what is on her daddy's and of course he can't tell her no.
 All about playing in the snow, from sledding, snowballs, snow angels these two have done it all.
 Of course what kind of father would he be if he didn't teach her about the dark side and how to use the light saber?
 Karsten is actually a really good bowler, something he did a lot of while on his mission.  He has his own ball and easily bowls in the 200's.  For a family thing we did some bowling where he started to teach Charlotte all about it.