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Dear Birth Mom

Hello. As we write this we do not know you or your situation, we do understand that sometimes life leads you down different roads for different reasons. Hopefully, you will find the answers to the questions in your heart.Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us.

We are Karsten and Kimberly, we have been married so long we don't even talk about house chores, we both know who will do what. This is a good thing for us.

We are looking to adopt because infertility is a fact of our life.We have a daughter Charlotte who we adopted at birth. In our eyes she is amazing and is ready to be a big sister, she wants someone to play with, besides us. We have lots of fun with Charlotte, we hold her to sleep every night, because we love being with her. In her first year we took over 7000 pictures of her.

We have enjoyed our open relationship with both Charlotte's birth mother and her family as well as her birth father and his family. We welcome the idea of an open relationship with our next adoption.

Here are some things you might want to know about us.
~ We don't cook gourmet meals
~ We love Dr. Pepper and Pepsi
~ We have a cat named Fred
~ Karsten is organized and plans for everything
~ Kim tries to be orgainzed but ends up flying by the seat of her pants
~ We both come from big families, so we get together often with them.
~ Karsten is the best daddy to our little girl, he is wrapped around her little finger
~ Kim spends her days with Charlotte, some days the house is clean, but most days there are toys everywhere.
~ Kim doesn't shave her legs in the winter, only for special occasions
~ Karsten loves to fall asleep on the couch in his work clothes

Please look at the other pages on our blog for more pictures and details. If we can help you in anyway, please let us know

Lots of Love

Karsten and Kimberly

Who are we? Really?

Who are we? Let me tell you who we are not.

We are not perfect

Sometimes we have cereal for dinner, mostly when Kim has burnt dinner or tried to be too creative.

We are not professional singers or dancers, but our house plants can't tell the difference.

We are not boring, even if not much is going on around us we always have a way of having fun.